"The Inner Way"

Association for the study and research of Qigong

The "NeiDao - The Inner Way" Association is preparing and organizing the Symposium, as the third Conference dedicated to Qigong. The first and second events were held in Rome in October 2010 and October 2011.

Renowned and famous presenters from all over the world will be meet and share their experience at the Symposium, coming from China, Japan, USA, Canada, the Netherlands, England, Germany and Switzerland, as well as presenters from all over Italy.

In collaboration with the 16th World Congress of Qigong/Tai Chi/TCM and A.P.E.F.:

Sponsored by:



The Symposium:

From ancient traditions and knowledge, through a modern science, the importance of cultivating oneself and one's own nature to live better in the modern world.

Knowing, cultivating and being able to guide one's vital energy through the conscious use of body, breathing and mind, this is the basis of Qi Gong teaching, with the aim of improving physical health and inner wellbeing.

According to the philosophical theories at the heart of Qi Gong, the individual is the microcosm and the world around is the macrocosm. Putting yourself back at the centre of your own life means to work, besides for yourself, for a better world, made up of conscious and healthy people, who are genuinely respectful and part of the Natural Law, the Dao.

Goals of the Symposium:

* Introduce Qigong, its theoretical principles, the ancient philosophy behind the practice and its applications over time, giving to the participants a panorama of the vast art and science fields of Qigong, which is at the heart of classical Chinese medicine.

* Enable all those interested in health and energy disciplines to meet the top experts, researchers and leaders around the world in the Qigong field, and to propose possible projects dedicated to individual wellness and health through their experience in other countries.

* Compare experience and knowledge through presentations, reports on projects underway, practical demonstrations and scientific studies.

* Collect new ideas and plans, proposals and requests by interested parties, in order to develop future projects focused on diverse fields of application, in collaboration and cooperation with other organizations and sectors, always dedicated to wellness, health and inner growth.

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Time Presenter Title
7:00 Morning practice outdoors
9:00 M. Maria Luisa Vocca Opening and presentation of the event. Qigong: from the philosophy and from the ancient practice ... a precious instrument for modern times
9:30 Daniela Gruber e Tiziana Fornari Between sound and voice ... We Are Sound
10:00 Welcome to the presenters
10:30 Dr Michelangelo Buccoleri The profession of Qigong teacher-operators: the future
11:00 Dr. Effie Chow, PhD, RN, LAc, DiplAc The power of Chow Qigong through empty force
11:30 Dr. Justin Ngui Connected consciousness
12:00 Grandmaster Qin Xiping Tooth Extraction Surgery and group external anaesthesia
12:30 Nadia Linda Hole MD Hawaiian blessing ceremony
13:00 - 14:30 Lunch break
14:30 Dr. Steven Aung Medical Qigong: The way of the healer
15:00 Elke Modaffari The female community and the resources of Qigong: "The Jade Girl"
15:30 Dr. Vito Marino Sanxinbing zhanzhuang and the formulas of "self healing"
16:00 Marina Monteferri "The sacred turtle comes out of the waters" - the movement of the turtle in the sea
16:30 M. Sotoyoshi Kontani The three dimensional technique of diagnosis and cure - distance healing
17:00 Dr. Paola Conti Qigong pratice to reduce and manage stress in patients with chronic illness. Pilot study: a qualitative research in Private and Public Health Centres of Rome.
17:30 Dott. George Xavier Love Medical Qigong through Acupuncture Meridians - "How Acupuncture meridians are stimulated through Qigong movements"
18:00 Group pratice for all


Time Presenter Title
7:00 Morning practice outdoors
9:00 M. Liming Yue and M. Andrea Lori Taiji Quan Chen style
9:30 M. Giuseppe Paterniti Qigong and Taiji for little dragons, the ancient Oriental arts for children
10:00 Wilfried Ströver Quantum Qigong - How and why it is practiced
10:30 Maho Saito Naiko-Ken - Shaolin twin swords. Qin Xi Ping - Shaolin Qigong
11:00 Dr. George Xavier Love Qigong Dance
11:30 Sarah Mokone Looking at ourselves and others. How to integrate Qigong with acupuncture in physiotherapy sessions
12:00 Dr Mirilee Pearl, PhD Obtaining the benefits of Qigong through the observation of the fundamental principles of correct pratice
12:30 Prof. Enzo Brogi Qigong in schools: The potential of the use of Qigong for teachers and students
13:00 - 14:30 Lunch break
14:30 Nadia Linda Hole, MD Sustainable Transformation: 7 Qi Secrets, Hawaiian Style, Me to We
15:00 M. Qin Xiping Demonstration of external Qigong (Wai Qi) from the stage
15:30 Dott. Steven Aung Curing patients through the six senses
16:00 - 18:30 All Round table discussion open to the public
18:30 - 19:00 Closing of the Symposium


Time Room 1 Room 2
7:00 Morning practice outdoors
9:00 - 12:00 Dr. Effie Chow, PhD, RN, LAc, DiplAc
Chow Power Qigong
Nadia Linda Hole MD
Sustainable Transformation: 7 Qi Secrets, Hawaiian Style, Me to We
12:00 - 13:00 Wilfried Ströver
Quantum Qigong: How to produce a text to influence Qi
Dr Mirilee Pearl, PhD
Obtaining the benefits of Qigong through the observation of the fundamental principles of correct pratice
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 - 16:00 Dr. George Xavier Love
Qigong for preventing and helping the regression of specific tumours
Grandmaster Qin Xiping
Shaolin Qigong and Meditation, Most powerful Qi Enhancement method for External Qigong
16:00 - 18:00 Steven Aung, MD
Open heart and vibrant Spirit: Laughing Qigong

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Place and time:

Location: Seraphicum Auditorium
Via del Serafico, 1, 00142, Roma

Accomodation is possible directly at the location of the Symposium. Availability is limited! Please book directly through the Seraficum:
Tel: (+39) 06 515031
Fax: (+39) 06 51503603

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Click here to see the map

Times: Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 October 2014: 9am - 7pm (lunch provided)
Monday 20th: 9am - 1pm, 2pm - 7pm

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Registration instructions:

Registrations will be accepted subject to availability. Only registered participants will have access to the Symposium.

Registration fees:

until 30/06/2014 € 200 + €15 transaction fees
until 18/10/2014 € 250 + €15 transaction fees

Registration includes:

  • Nei Dao Association membership
  • Symposium participation Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 October
  • Participation in the Workshops on Monday 20th October
  • 2 buffet lunches (Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th)
  • Simultaneous translation services between English and Italian

Group registrations, Sponsors:

Please contact directly for further information

How to register:

Send the completed registration form and a record of the payment details by e-mail to:

Payment method:

Bank transfer (of the amount in Euro appropriate to your registration date) made out to:

Account name: Associazione Nei Dao
Bank: Unicredit Banca di Roma, Agency no. 07141, Viale Karl Marx, Roma
IBAN Code: IT15T02008 05236 000401371946
Swift code (BIC): UNCRITM1J41
Reason: Registration to the Third International Symposium of Qigong in Italy


Registration forms which are sent without payment details will not be considered.


Registration cancellations must be communicated in time to the Nei Dao Association.
Cancellations made by 30 September 2014 will be reimbursed by 80%
Cancellations made after 30 September will not be reimbursed.

For further details, please contact the Nei Dao Association directly.

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Registration form:

Click here for a copy of the Registration form.